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Production Line - St. Peters

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Location: O'Fallon, MO.
Department: Production line - St. Peters
Listing Date: 2018-09-14
Position: Production Line - St. Peters
Job ID: Production Line - St. Peters
Production line with about 5 stations all of which will be cross trained to be able to do any aspect of each. 
Process consists of
1- mixing epoxy into 5 gallon buckets & using dolly to bring around the corner to pour into 3rd part of line.
2-the cleaning of the spools.  Big sewing machine-like spools of carbon fiber threads (about 2 hundred+ of them) in which they simply pull loose threads to ensure no clogging of the various plastic parts. Very boring haha!
3-monitoring the epoxy poured in & compression process of the fibers to the epoxy.  
4-giant spools where the hardened carbon fiber is rolled up.  This position makes sure that the roll is straightened & will band the end with a ratchet strap & cut line to begin next roll.  A crane is used to lift the rolls when completed & brought back to the warehouse.
5-the warehouse will package rolls and stack them onto pallet using a crane (a forklift is used when necessary and they always have a certified user on staff and will get them certified if they need additional forklift
This position has a  strong chemical odor (of which a respirator is provided) and an annoying slight itching sensation on hands/arms from loose fibers sometimes.  (like insulation fibers)  You will be provided gloves if you'd like them and long sleeve shirt helps.  

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