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Mountain View, MO

  • Finish Cooler line
    Finish Cooler line: Puts on door decals, gaskets, extra shelves, cleans the glass on the doors, cleans the inside of the machines and the shelves, does hypot etech and other programming. 2nd Shift 4:30 - 3:00 am 1st Shift is $12.00/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr
  • Back Cooler line
    Doors, lights, installs drain pans, programs ems, puts headers in. 1st shift is 6am-4:30pm and 2nd Shift 4:30pm-3:00am 1st Shift is $12/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr
  • Masking
    Masking/Taping off the machines with paper to prepare for paint. Also decal area. 1st Shift is $12.00/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr
  • Sanding/Bondo
    Sanding/Bondo: Bonding the machine and sanding it to smooth out rough spots and prepare it for masking and paint. (Requires a mask/respirator) Must be clean shaven and must be able to pass a respirator test given by the HR department. 1st Shift is $12.00/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr
  • Cooler Metal Line
    Cooler Metal Line: Metal fabrication of the machines. Fixing the metal on the coolers. Removing and installing the pods on the coolers. 1st Shift is $12.00/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr
  • Thermal Imaging
    Thermal Imaging: Test compressor, change cords 1st Shift is $12.00/hr and 2nd Shift is $12.45/hr